MJHS Receives Chromebooks For All Students!!!

MJHS students received a wonderful Christmas surprise before Winter Break. Each and every student now has a MSD Google Chromebook. With these new MSD Google Chromebooks, does come some responsibilities. As Spiderman says, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Here are some quick pointers for our MSD Google Chromebook devices. 

  • Students are responsible for charging and bringing their devices and chargers to school.
  • Be aware of how the device is carried. Do not put in backpacks or other bags as the case provided has a strap for carrying. 
  • Face the screen side away from the pocket, or upside down in the bag protecting the screen. 
  • Pick up the device from the keyboard base and not the screen. 
  • Do not use the device as a folder and put papers in between screen and keyboard.
  • No food or drink is to be used while using the device.
  • Use your device on a flat surface

The goal of our MSD Google Chromebook devices it to responsibly use the Chromebook to actively engage in learning activities. Need more information? Visit our MSD Virtual Learning Page: http://marionar.apptegy.us/o/m...