Breaking Barriers with our Voices in Unprecedented Times

The 7th Grade Experience Celebrates Black History Month: Led By Ms. D. Mason

In recognition of Black History month, teachers and students are asked to
work collaboratively on decorating a door or wall with pictures, quotes, and
other specifics about the person being portrayed. Your door or wall will
become part of the Black History virtual presentation. For more information,
please contact Mrs. Mason and be sure to let her know who you will portray
so there will be no duplications.

The decorating of doors will be from February 8- 19.
The decorating should not interfere with instruction time.
Any students working on doors and need to use the room with paper must
be supervised.
If you decorate the door, it should be able to open and close.
Doors/walls will be judged on February 22.


Doors must display the following-

Design and creativity- (use of ideas and originality to create the door)

Visual impact- Make it have that unbelievable impact

Historical impact- past and present

Reflection of the theme

Completeness- (door or wall is well completed and space is utilized

First place- $50.00   Second place- $40.00   Third place-$30.00